Thursday, December 21, 2006

Patio Goodbye Party Blog

1. Patio Dominoes Team: Gilligan (Manager); Heather, Aaron, Hutch and Steve, who is also on the Left Wing Commie Wacko Team.

2. Tyrone, mixing spoiled food with fresh--aah! That distinctive Patio bouquet!

3. Tyrone and Cortez seeking advice from the Patio legal team.

4. Hauke, Tom, and Philip; old Patio regulars who couldn't make the party from Germany.

5. The Patio kitchen has gone cold, like Berkeley's heart.

I want to say that I had a great time at the "drag up" at The Patio. I also didn't get a chance to shoot everyone's picture, and feel it important to mention that many of Alex's friends and old staffers at The Patio are not included. These are Aaron and Katherine, in particular, and Carol, Mr. B., Drew, and many friends of Alex's. There were also many people from Amoeba Music, like Tunde, Matt, and Craig, who eat here all the time but who may have only breezed through The Patio last night to say a quick goodbye. Ben came, but his Bosnian buddy Jasko and his Japanese pal, Tomoko, did not. And, of course, Cortez didn't bring his daughter to clear up her misimpression that I am simply a figment of his aging, weakening mind. (And maybe I am!)

There are a lot of important things I feel like saying about our regulars, but most important is that they trusted Alex and me enough to become regulars. They knew we would support them, and they felt comfortable, even with my East Coast mentality. For those of you who came to the party, and for those who wanted to but couldn't, I am happy to have known and served you, and I am happy that you liked what we provided. My home is open, and I'd like to think that some of you could overcome the limits to a necessarily narrow social life in The Patio, and expand those limits by becoming better friends. My email is, and my cellular number is 650-888-8879, at least in the near term. I do not yet have phone service in Nevada, but I will keep the blog running and note any changes right here. I hope your holidays are wonderful, and that your new year is happy and prosperous.

With Warm Wishes, and the knowledge that together we made a small contribution to the social history of Berkeley,


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