Saturday, December 09, 2006

Last Call

Dear Patio Pals,
The last call for The Patio will be the week leading up to Christmas.  We, A. and T., aka the owners, want to invite the regulars, former employees, and service industry friends, to an evening of food and drink.
We will be hosting at The Patio, on December 20th (Wednesday), from 7:00PM until 10:00PM or so, so that everyone can get there.
We want you to understand that WE do the inviting, and that your grandmother will be welcome, but we'll charge her.  Nobody else even gets in.  So don't embarrass yourself and your friends by inviting people to the party we're giving to thank all the people who have given so much to us.  Got it?!!!
On the other hand, I can't get in touch with Cal Swimming, so if you see some of those guys, just tell them that T. has a message for them at The Patio.  Maybe Evan will read this blog entry and get in touch with me.  Also, I won't be admitting anyone under 21.  If I end up deciding to do so, I will not serve them alcohol.  Sorry, but even I will want to relax at this soiree.
I'll be posting my particulars (email, etc) soon, and would like it if we could stay in touch.  You decide.


At Wed Dec 13, 12:26:00 PM PST, Anonymous said...

Best wishes to all at the lasy call for the Patii. Hope you all have a fine time. kj


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