Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What Democrats Should Do Now

So, the democrats won a big victory on election day.  I wrote to Rep. Ellen Tauscher, our local representative and said three things to her, besides congratulations.


First, I said we should go easy on Bush and avoid any nasty language and muckraking because he's "alone" now without his Congress.  Lots of people like the fellow like a puppy, and you can get people real furious by abusing President Puppy.


Second, I said we should not rise to any bait regarding quasi-religious issues like gay marriage, which is only a set of words that forces liberals to declare their inherent humanity.  Live your humanity, don't declare it.  Don't be like the religious right and make everything a confession.  If there's a real fight, then fight, but don't be baited.  The republicans got where they were because they talked big.  We know that the whole damn party is ruled by people who would run from a real fight.  (REALLY!  Can you imagine Cheney or the rest of them doing anything but slapping someone!  Eeewww!)


Third, I said we should reduce the US forces in Iraq, but send the professional soldiers, not the reservists, to Afghanistan to continue the fight against Osama and the Taliban, and to provide the assistance we really need to provide to the new government.


It is my opinion that if we can do these few things effectively, we will have a democrat in the Oval Orifice come January, 2009.


At Fri Nov 10, 04:50:00 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on!! Very good/accurate observations, Tyrone.



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