Sunday, November 05, 2006

We All Got Issues

Bad things been happening lately
looks like I'm gonna fall from stately to bleak
have a peek
I don't seek it but it finds me anyway
as night turns into day
I'm too fucking old to pray
gotta say god ain't so strong
the world don't know right from wrong.
I'm strong, not a joke, not just smoke
but real, cause I feel the ice cold steel
of my words, in case you ain't heard
the team's doing bad but I ain't broke yet
still got the credit card debt
can board the jet and find my way
if only to say hey boy
I can still play much to their dismay
no matter how gray my sky I'm still a winner
just thinner
thread bare
don't care
only got one chair in my place
but face the fact that I only got one ass
to put down in it, so skin it.
Bling ain't everything but it bring things
people smile and sing, but bees sting too
so it don't make everything shiny
small still tiny, baby's still whiny
no matter how big the ring
except Milagros will do her thing
cause you provide the capital for her bling.

Bling is slavery
totally unsavory
not the true fruit of labor
but the way to get another man
to do the things you yourself can but you
too lazy, too cool, too crazy
just a fool living by some rule
the rich man's tool
when the time comes to smile and dance
his hand in your pants
sweat on your brow wondering how
he did it, yes he did!
and you never seen it coming but
you want your grandson raised in the Tenderloin?

Make your deal
show some zeal
leave your shed
like uncle jed "Beverly is the place you wanna be"
but don't blame nobody
when the brothers call you whitey and whitey calls you bro
cause you're a pro,
a man on the go
living fast,
praying it lasts,
living biggah than the next niggah
(that fool don't know nothing)
How about you?



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