Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kicking Bush is a Big Mistake

Let's resist the urge to nail Bush and Cheney to a tree!  I know you're pissed off, and that the SOB's deserve it, but how bad do you wanna see the more liberal party take the White House and hold the Congress in 2008?  Remember what I said about President Puppy?  Well I haven't yet changed my mind.  He's seen as "lame" without his rubber-stamp congress, so every shot we take at him will be remembered by those who simply voted for Dems to see if they were any different than the ones currently in office.  It's a two year trial period in which you are to decide which product is better.  You know, buy now and no payments until November, 2008!  Just remember that payday is coming.


I wouldn't mention it except that an old friend who I greatly admire sent me an email advocating the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney.  I told her they both almost screamed out to be impeached, but that it would be a bad political decision to do so.  I mean you can beat the living shit out of Dick Cheney and even the most compassionate American might smirk, but that's definitely not true of Bush.  People like our bumbling, hapless, oh-so-inadequate, coke-sniffing, god-fearing, anonymous alcoholic President.


Look, if they hold Bill Clinton up in our faces next time around, all we have to do is say that the Republicans impeached him for a sexual scandal, but the Democrats didn't impeach Bush even as he sent thousands to their deaths based on a lie.  Goddamn I wish somebody at the top of the Party would let me draft the responses to those f***ing white, child molestin', kiddie porn readin' (and YES, god-fearin') conservatives' attacks!  I'm Karl Rove in a white hat!


A Mindless Digression...In 1978, I was back from Iran two years already and Pittsburgh city elections were approaching.  I figured that I'd be perfect for Ayatollah of Pittsburgh, a new city line office I was creating.  But before I could run, Ayatollah Khomeini took control of Iran's revolutionary government, our embassy was seized, and I had to think twice.  I decided not to run.  I won't make that mistake again! 


An Even More Mindless Digression...Ted Koppel was on the radio today and he said he formed some very real ideas about what the Iranian people were feeling.  After all, he lived there for two whole weeks (another expert is born).  I'm dying to hear his predictions.  Phil Freshman, who worked with me in Iran, wrote under his own byline at the Los Angeles Times.  Where's Freshman?  Why Koppel?  I doubt if Koppel could have been predictive of the Democratic sweep of Congress, let alone the intricacies of Iranian politics.  Anyway, Im ending these digressions.


To impeach Bush would be a big mistake.  It's like kicking a man when he's down, and Americans don't like that (if they like the guy getting kicked).  People like Bush, ergo, q.e.d., ad hoc, and post-coital.


At Fri Nov 17, 06:16:00 AM PST, Blogger Jacob Matthan said...

I like your entry. Your views fall in line with that of John Conyers. As Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee he will not impeach but he will investigate with the subponea powers. That should be enough to destroy the vilest man, more pleasantly known to us Mandatory Malloy truthseekers as "chucklenuts", that has held the office of the American president.

However, knowing the Bush Crime family, they will bounce back with a new face even as the old one is scarred and tarnished.

Americans have short meories and Idols will again be the hit show next week.


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