Saturday, December 16, 2006

Patio Cooking Tip: Kielbasa

Kielbasa got you stumped? Deep fry that sumbitch before you put him on the grill. Here’s how it goes. Take a kielbasa (aka: kolbassi in Western PA) and butterfly him from head to toe. Chuck that puppy into four or five inches of 350 degree cooking oil and let him cook until you know he can’t take it no more. You’ll know when that happens because the boy gets all curly. Reach into the oil and yank him out and throw him on the hot grill, skin side up, and hold his ass down with a brick or something. When he’s good and blackened, grab him up, throw him on a toasted bun with some kraut, onions, mustard, and tomatoes (even some cheese and mayo), and choff him down. You can put some sprouts on him if you want people to think you’re a sensible and healthful eater. Same goes for hot dogs and any other kind of meat that’s the rough shape of a hot dog but is not a salami.


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