Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thank the Saudis

Yesterday, the Saudi ambassador to the United States, Prince Turki bin Faisal, returned to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A fully competent diplomat, he was recalled because his country had to make a difficult decision regarding the "non-civil war" in Iraq that America and England have had "absolutely no part" in creating. His country has decided to support their Sunni brothers, the Iraqi minority who held power under Saddam Hussein.

The Saudis, almost all of whom are Sunnis, have been worried about the largely Shi'ah majority in Iran. They were worried about the seemingly non-religious Shah back in the 1970s, but seem to be even more worried about the very religious mullahs running contemporary Iran. The Saudis are so fearful that they have bulldozed Shi'ah mosques in the Eastern Province town of Hofuf, and even have gun emplacements on the west side if the main north-south road between Kuwait and Dammam, facing east into Hofuf. The Saudis are also bowing to pressure from Usama bin Laden and his partisans who want the Saudis to cut ties with the US and to begin to acknowledge their "true place" as the keeper of Islam's holiest of places, Mecca and Medina.

Why we should thank the Saudis is that by stepping out in front to aid the Sunnis, they have distracted Muslims from the US. George Bush, the commander-in-chief, is the luckiest failure in history. Just when he and the neocons were about to unite both main factions of Islam against us, the Saudis have declared de facto war on Shi'ah Islam. That pushes us off to the periphery. What fantastic timing! "I'd rather be lucky than good," takes on a whole new meaning when referring to George Bush!

The Taliban and Al-Qaeda hate both us and the Shi'ahs. The Shi'ahs, whom the Taliban call "hazaras", hate them right back, and also have no warm feelings for America, where they remain, along with North Korea, one of the two poles of the Axis of evil. Iraq has a Shi'ah majority ready to take power with Iran's help, and Iran is also supporting the Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Saudis have now moved to bolster the Sunnis in Iraq, and will continue to do so after the US leaves, no matter what the state of the Iraq police/army with will fracture within a week. We ought to leave pretty soon because there's damned little that will happen for the greater nation of Iraq now that Iran and Saudi Arabi are dug in on opposing sides of this battle.

Bush could have avoided this by either avoiding the war in the first place, or by acting quickly and decisively in Iraq when war was declared. As usual, politics has screwed things up, and I would be the first to blame the neoconservative idiots who all seem to have needed stronger and more stable father figures. These whining, bellicose teenagers have really fucked up your world and mine. Hold them accountable and send them to the Arctic Circle to a special prison for mean mannish-boys who need daddys who love them. That this prison doesn't exist is another reason for the president to count his blessings.



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