Monday, October 02, 2006

Child-lovin' Congressman Foley

Congressman Foley (R-Florida), the latest “out-ed” pedophile in government, has resigned from the House and has dragged his perverted ass into rehab because he’s a self-described alcoholic. First, being a lush doesn’t give anyone license to molest children. Second, what’s the point in resigning from a filthy little club like the republican-controlled House? What! Is he worried about Hastert’s honor? The good of the Union? The people of his congressional district? Hell, no, he’s not worried about any of that high-minded shit! He’s just doing things by the numbers. First, you resign to get out of the line of fire. Then, you seek rehab for something that is socially tolerable, while trying to deflect the socially less desirable truth. Finally, you hope it goes away before your family and friends completely withdraw from your sick fucking life. I know a child molester, and he’s still keeping it a secret from his own kids twenty years later. What else can he do? He believes god will forgive him, but he ain’t so sure about his sons, who may think twice about letting him bounce his granddaughters on his lap. No, these guys aren’t like those of us who like tits and ass on the same bodies, who crack jokes about sex, and who look at dirty pictures when our friends sent them in emails. No, guys like Foley either cover up completely by claiming to enjoy the same stuff as I do, or they go the other way. They say they’re disgusted by such things, and that our children ought to be protected. When they’re in the House, like Foley, they make even bigger fusses by sponsoring bills that outlaw specific behavior that, in fact, they are interested in. I fully expect Foley’s next move will be to say that having looked at the issue, and having gone into that world as an observer and researcher, he decided to see whether such predators can really attract young boys, and that he tried an experiment. If he’s smart, we won’t hear this, but how smart can he be! Just so we’re clear on one thing: the Congress is not a place that a child molester should feel obliged to resign from. Are we clear? Okay.


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