Friday, September 15, 2006

Ban Religion

If there were ever a time to fear religion it’s today. The Pope, who’s used to speaking to those who are not from subsistence farms in Pakistan, or to those who are meat sellers in a Cairo souk, put his jewel encrusted foot in his mouth by quoting some arcane 14th century nonsense about jihad, and Muhammad’s notion of conversion by the sword. Did the Pope think that Muslims would understand his intellectual ramblings? If so, he’s a dope as well as a Pope. And if the Muslims have their way, he’ll be a Pope on a rope.

Now, Tyrone, you’re generalizing again, huh. Yep, that’s true. It’s not the Muslims, Jews, or Christians I know who go out and weep over miracles, kiss feet, fear the arts, or raise fists and shout through bad teeth. No, those are true believers that represent, maybe, the 20-30% of religious people who are the stupidest, most vicious, and most judgmental fucking morons on earth (present company excepted, of course). For the sake of the rest of us, let’s move to ban religion from the earth!

Oh, but Tyrone, how would we know right from wrong without religious guidance? You’re part of that fucking moron community I was speaking of if you don’t know right from wrong already, ya putz. Lots of atheists like me managed to raise kids who understand right from wrong and live according to the “rules”. I’ll bet you know plenty of wild-ass children from religious homes, don’t you. No, I know I’m exaggerating because I know some excellent kids who grew up in religious homes. But those success stories are about those who grew up to be liberal, not conservative.

From the fuckwits who blew up Oklahoma City because of the fuckwit David Koresh, or the fuckwits who think Muhammad okayed four wives for all time when it was clear that he was ONLY talking about helping widows and orphans, particularly those of the Muslim war with the Meccans, or the fuckwits who believe that only god can usher in Zion but who walk around the Israeli settlements strapped and fighting their own government, or those fuckwits who believe in a hidden 12th Imam, and seem to be hiding their true intentions about nuclear weapons. Well fuck you all, every last one of you. You deserve all the shit you get, and if you try to give some of that shit to me, I’ll make you eat it.

Have a nice day.


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