Friday, September 15, 2006


I’ve never seen such a wide variety of brainless misfits as in Berkeley. How so many people who manage to know nothing more than bong construction and the binomial nomenclature of every known strain of marijuana came to live—if you call this living—in a narrow little piece of town about a dozen square blocks from the Sather Gate of the University of California at Berkeley is amazing and stupendous. It’s also very disheartening to old farts like me who see all this as a real waste of human potential. Oh, I’m talking about the Peter Pan Complex types who just never wanna grow up, and that’s about 78% of them. People ranging in age from 30 to 60, and who somehow think that they can have their habits and do their shite without being a right fukein nuisance to the rest of the community. I’m here to proclaim that they are a fukein nuisance. They are more than that. They are a liability to every citizen of Berkeley who wants to build a better world. These people are not about world building. They’ve been nowhere and done nothing, and they distrust their government while sucking at the federal and state teats whenever possible. I’m rarely conservative, but I do want to shake some of these stiffs until their neurons begin to fire. I’m worried about those 30 years olds I’m describing, because it appears they don’t look at the 60 year olds and see themselves thirty years hence. One plus one equals two, yet these people don’t get it. If they couldn’t see themselves at 30 when they were 15, no problem. But they aren’t 15 anymore. Can’t they be even remotely introspective? Is everything about California sunshine and stinkweed? Don’t they know that medical advances mean they are destined to a far longer life of poverty, dissatisfaction, and mental illness than am I? It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe it, because there are lots of things we don’t believe that are true anyway. I don’t imagine that anyone who would read this blog would fit this category, but only you would know that. The Patio was burglarized for the second time last night (Thursday night, that is). They got a little change and decided to take nothing else. That’s because they’re as stupid in their criminal masks as they are in their other masks. I’ve spread the word that I want to know which fuckwit(s) did this. I want to take a picture of the moron, blow it up, and plaster posters all over Berkeley that I will have any tweaker arrested who I find messes with my place. Don’t you wish they cared so much about anything in their meager lives, especially themselves. Look, if you idiots are bound to get toothless and die somewhere under the stars, move to Tahoe right now and you’ll be dead by Ground Hog Day. If you don’t give a flying fuck, why should I!


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