Monday, September 25, 2006

Clinton's Pissed

I know, I know, it seems like I’m always picking on George W. Bush, our current President. Well maybe some of you will remember that I didn’t pick on Bill Clinton at all, so it’s even. There’s nothing like a well formed sine wave to show a fellow what he thinks—Clinton on top, Bush on the bottom. And it just so happens that’s the best way to visualize these two wild boys in San Francisco, which is right across the Bay from The PATIO.

Clinton comes up because yesterday, on Fox News, Clinton got pissed at Chris Wallace at being held accountable for not killing Usama bin Laden. Clinton said he came a lot closer to killing the SOB than Bush has gotten with 20,000 troops. He’s tired of taking that shit, and he ought to be. And from Chris Wallace, a guy who may never have entered the national press corps if his old man hadn’t already been a well known newsman.

Aside: There was a newsman in Pittsburgh, on KDKA, named Bill Burns. People liked him, although I didn’t see him as being all that talented. Of course, being “Pittsburgh” is sometimes enough in that town, and that was the case with Bill. So, when his daughter came of age she was trotted out before the camera and, soon enough she was co-anchoring with “Dad”, as she brazenly referred to him during on-air transitions. Neither of them was particularly good, but Pittsburghers admire the working class values that enabled Bill to make room for Patty. We also like a joke, and rolled with laughter whenever one of these pros would trip over the words on the teleprompter.

Bill Clinton is also a working class man, unlike GW, who is a rich failure. Clinton grew up poor, went to schools on scholarship, and excelled because of his tremendous brains and ambition and hard work. Bush had a purchased education which he barely accepted by performance, has failed in every business, and has been a ridiculously poor public servant. Clinton must be sick of taking shit from people who try to compare him to his follower in the White House. He may like GW personally, but he’s way too achievement oriented to spend much time in that loser’s company. He knows there’s work to do that doesn’t involve a chain saw, and I don’t mean Dick Cheney in a mask with blood spurting in all directions.

Stop insulting everyone’s intelligence by making comparisons between Clinton and Bush. I’d say the only general comparison I can see is between Clinton and LBJ, who was from a similar background, had terrific ambition, and a very sharp mind. Yep, Bill and LBJ are great parallels, except that Bill got there faster, and will have more post-presidency years to seal his legacy. Compare him to LBJ before, and James Earl Carter since. What an interesting duo to bracket Clinton.

Patio News: We just put out some new menus. We took off some stuff that was covered with tape or just plain gone. We added some advertising testimonials, including a totally self serving one from Tyrone the Blogger, who talks about how we have the best burgers on the East Bay, which is true. We’re working on pushing a breakfast burrito that we might decide to sell in the mornings, assuming we want to get up earlier.

ALSO, for those of you who keep asking about the paperwork for extending our hours, we will be submitting it this week, along with a check for $769.00 ($736.00 for the actual fee, and $33.00 administrative costs). According to the person I spoke to, it might be done in a month or two if it’s not too complicated. This, my friends, is NOT too complicated. We need no new licenses, no new structural improvements, and I just had a health inspection that was successful. I cannot imagine what could be less complicated. Ah, but this is Berkeley where the town motto, in English to avoid the appearance of snobbery, is “Where Tyranny Comes Creeping from the Left”.


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