Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lee and Leslie

Lee married Leslie today, or was it the other way around. For those of you who remember Lee Remick and Leslie Nielsen, it ain’t them. It just goes to illustrate that times have changed since Dick and Sue. The excellent Lee (the mister) married the excellent Leslie (the missus), and that’s the wedding I missed. Alex went, but between him, his uncle, and Mapquest, he didn’t get there until the reception started. No matter. It’s a laid back crowd. Dick commented that the hora reminded him of the beginning of “Deer Hunter”, and I said better the beginning than the end. Anyway, Leslie and Lee are that excellent kind of people who, at around thirty, decide to settle down a bit. Lee is an outdoorsman with an Ivy League MBA and a shiny social conscience, and Leslie is an outdoorswoman who ropes and rides as good as any cowboy, and puts up beautiful web pages, too. These two remind me of Leslie’s own paternal grandparents, Stan and Virginia, and my wish for them is that they have a marriage and a life like them. Good luck to you both. T.


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