Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sensuality? What's Your Profile.

For some people, it’s the hands that feel the world in the most sensual way. It’s hands on breasts, hands between legs, hands on buttocks, hands moving down the back into that downy spot near the coccyx. Others find sensuality through the eyes. They admire the look of things and touch what they see more for confirmation than for contact. For some it’s smell that drives sensuality. For them, the scent of perfume is a come-on, but more personal smells are the phermones that attract. Nose to ass, just like the dog, and tongue not going very far to touch something wet. Oral people are also used to odors, but it’s the tongue that stimulates them. They push into things with it. They move between soft and firm via contractions. Who have I left out? Who are you? Who am I?


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