Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tyrone's Personal Manifesto

I'm tired of defending myself against those who are either unwilling or incapable, for whatever reason, for taking ownership of their own actions and, instead, focusing on my reactions.  Such actions and reactions are invariably couched in further responses about how my reactions will not "solve" anything.  That begs the question of what needs to be solved.  I suggest that what needs to be solved is the action--the reaction is not to be solved but to be expected.  I can over-react, to be sure, but I don't usually over-react unless the path I am standing on is well worn.
We have held our tempers too long, as far as I'm concerned.  Wrong behavior begets a reaction, and even a child understands that relationship.  The transgressor, in apologetically admitting the original error but following with why the problem is mine rather than the initiator's, is undoing the apology and seeking to sustain the defense of an indefenseable position.  Assuming anything else is as fruitless as an attempt to change the orbit of the planets; it's like breathing water rather than air, or letting a spoiled child lord over the household.  In sum, it is a juvenile method of control and I am not going to kowtow to the control freaks any longer.
I don't care where this nonsense occurs--whether in an office where the boss has no confidence or competence, in the home, or in public life.  I put you all on notice: I won't engage in any niceties when people attempt to control my discourse.  Argue your point, and I'll argue mine.  You are free to tell me how you would have said or done something differently after you have heard what was said or done, but not in advance...unless, of course, if I ask your opinion, which probably won't happen, so grow up!


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