Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hizbollah Done Run Out the Pen

As if the Israelis had never before made clear exactly what they would do when their soldiers get kidnapped, people all around the world are reacting to Israeli aggression as though they had been asleep for forty years. Come on, people, wake up! Israelis respond to terrorism like American neocons wish they could every single morning -- kill anything that moves to the left. Thinking about how Jews can do today what only WASPs could do just a few decades ago must be infuriating to lots of people, including about 75% of those who spend hours every day justifying their graceless acts by finding New Testament quotes that fix things up just right. Oh, how the times must have changed at St. Albans and Exeter. The only thing WASP credentials buy you today is free admission to a neo-Nazi hate farm, and what reasonably well-adjusted person would ever choose that as a lifestyle. Don't tell me Israelis can't react to terrorists on their own border when we went to Afghanistan to hunt a similar crowd. And don't tell me that the Lebanese, Iranians, and Syrians can get away with talking out of both sides of their mouths when they condemn Israel and fund Hizbollah. Look, unlike some of you, I have lived in the Middle East -- not ever in Israel, but in Iran and Saudi Arabia. It does not make me happier to condemn Israelis, Iranians, and Arabs than to condemn Americans. Everyone's stupid enough to earn a chunk of the blame for the mess in the Middle East. Just don't think that I'm stupid enough to believe that when you kidnap Israeli soldiers you're shocked to see a serious reaction, especially when the kidnappers are terrorists who have seized control of parts of the government of Lebanon. I cannot apologize for being a rational person in the 21st century, but all you romantics have plenty to apologize for, including all your starry-eyed illusions about who's good, who's bad, and who's to blame. We're all good, bad, and to blame. So now what! Won't eat anything with a face? If that's the directional limit to your moral compass, then come to Berkeley and join the family.


At Wed Jul 26, 04:31:00 AM PDT, Anonymous cuz1 said...

yes, we are all wrong and all to blame. and when do we learn that this doesn't get us anywhere? It isn't any "righter" for Israel to kill hundreds (will we get to thousands?) of Lebanese men, women and children than it is for the "coalition" to do the same in Afghanistan? Certainly can't say the outcome in Afghanistan is positive... Tip of the Iceberg policy making. all of it. you go tyrone!

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